Israel News and Prayer Round up August 2020


  1. Sudan set to normalize ties with Israel

The land of the Black people earlier known as the Kingdom of Kush boarders Egypt on the north and Ethiopia to the South East. Modern Sudan was formed in 1956. Historically ruled by Egypt and France.

2020 has brought forth great change in this nation as in August 2020 there was separation of state and religion as such Sudan is no longer the Islamic republic of Sudan. This is in preparation for a reviving of the land which is in a bad state economically. As we speak Sudan is on the US list of nation that sponsor terrorism meaning poor international recognition, floods and a weak currency.


February 2020 – Israeli Prime Minister H.E Benjamin Netanyahu met with Sudan’s transitional leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and agreed to normalize relations, after Omar El Bashir who seized power through a coup in 1989 and was ousted with the help of the military in April 2019 after protests from civilians. He ruled Sudan for 30 years.


August 2020 – US secretary of state meets with The Sworn in Prime Minister of Sudan H.E Abdalla Hamdok, to discuss how the nation would be removed from the US list of nations that sponsor terror. This happens in the backdrop of UAE and Bahrain normalizing relations with Israel.

Part of the discussion in Sudan with Pompeo is Sudan normalizing her relations with Israel.


September 2020: UAE, US and Sudan in talks over normalizing relations with Israel drawing to a quick close and the deal is expected any time now in exchange for financial support to help revive Sudan economy.


We need to pray that this will be finalized soon as matters of the kingdom require haste. This deal will be good for neighboring nations too notably Kenya which has been working to get Sudan to allow her flight to use Sudan airspace for direct flights to Israel.

Normalizing relations with Israel will bring a big blessing to the people of Sudan as the blessing of God in covenant that I will bless those who bless you.

This will definitely improve the security and stability of this nation away fro terrorism.


  1. Northern Israel

Israel’s border with Lebanon is a hotspot and the IDF recently issued an alert for Israeli citizens living in the North near Lebanon since July 2020. Last year Hezbollah the terrorist group in Lebanon fired anti-tank missiles towards the IDF positioned on the boarder.



Squadron 914 (Navy) guards the border between Israel and Lebanon and we need to pray for them in these times when the threat is high even with the instability in Beirut after the explosion.


Let us also pray for the Israeli natural gas drilling rigs located in the Israeli Exclusive Economic Zone which is within reach by Hezbollah should they attack via missiles.  


Let us pray for the Israeli Navy manning Israeli waters, that mighty warrior angels of God will keep watch with God.


Psalms 121:4 – Indeed He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.




  1. Thanksgiving – Abraham Accord Signing

In our last prayer update we were praying for this day and we saw the very word of God unravel before our precious eyes. Four key leaders:

    1. Donald Trump – President of the United States of America
    2. Benjamin Netanyahu – Prime Minister of the State of Israel
    3. Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan – Minister of Foreign affairs and International Cooperation, United Arab Emirates.
    4. Abdulatif Bin Rashid Al Zayani – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Bahrain.


Thanksgiving Prayer.

This historical signing effected the normalization of ties between Israel and UAE also between Israel and The Kingdom of Bahrain. We want to thank God for this historical signing that is opening more doors between Israel and the Arab world.

We have longed prayed for peace between the sons of Abraham and it is happening before our own eyes. We pray that this will open a great door for the blessing that comes from unity. Psalms 133:1


  1. Corona Virus

Israel is at a critical place in matters Covid – 19, this is because as of today 24th September 2020, the government has effected a total lockdown starting Friday 25th September at least till the end of the high holidays.

A second wave of the virus on Tuesday recorded some disturbing statistics: -

  • 6948 cases of infection out of 61,000 cases screened this day
  • 32 deaths on this day
  • 177 on ventilators
  • 658 patients in serious condition
  • 1317 – total deaths by Tuesday 22nd September


We continue to pray for Gods intervention in his critical situation that has seen almost 1 Million lives lost and over 32 Million Infections with 22 Million people having recovered, this is a dire situation since there is yet no remedy.

We are praying that the power in the cross of Yeshua will sweep all over this globe and release healing so that we can handle the economic ramifications at hand for the entire world.

Lord have mercy on the nations. Amen.


Thank you for praying.


Prepared by: Yvonne Njeri, Erez Africa.


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