October & November Israel Prayer Update

Cover Photo: 16th October 2018. Beersheva house bombed by terrorists from Gaza, Courtesy of Times of Israel.

October & November  2018 Israel Prayer Update

  1. Security

The security of the Jewish people in Israel and in the nations has been severely challenged in the months of September and October.

  • Stabbing of Ari Fuld at the Gush Etzion junction shopping mall by a 17 year old palestinian teen, Ari was a well-known Israeli advocate and stood boldly for and on behalf of the Jewish people, he was serving as the assistant director of Standing together an organization that supports soldiers in the IDF.
  • October 7th 2018, a palestinian walked into the Barkan Industrial park, in Ariel, Samaria and shot three Jewish Israeli citizens killing two of them and seriously wounding the third, Barkan is located in Judea and Samaria.
  • October 16th 2018 after relative calm in the South of Israel, a home was severely hit by a rocket from Gaza. The rocket exploded outside a home in Beersheva ripping off the front of the building damaging internal rooms and the roof.
  • Attempted stabbing attack in the old city early October which was quickly averted by police.
  • New York – Jewish man going to the synagogue beaten up by a man of Middle Eastern descent on Sunday 14th October 2018 as the Jewish man walked to the Morning Prayer services.

Prayer Bible verses

Psalms 121. He who watches over Israel does not sleep or slumber. Let us pray that God will keep Israel and the Jewish people for all harm and that He will watch over all their lives, He is the perfect watchman. That God will watch over the going out and the coming in of all the Jewish people.

Psalms 127. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain.

The Blood of Jesus – there is power in the blood of Jesus to protect all nations from all the evil plans of the enemy to steal, kill and destroy through terrorism.


  1.             Jerusalem

Australia –Scott Morrison who is Australia’s new prime minister on replacing Malcom Turnbull made the impression that his government in the coming months may recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital city indicating that it would take a couple of months to finalize on the decision. On Tuesday 16th October 2018 arab diplomats in Australia gathered in Australia’s capital city Canberra and indicated that any recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital would negatively impact relations between Australia and Islamic/arab nations.


Let’s us pray that the Holy Spirit will brood over the prime minister as they plan and meet on this crucial and inevitable move which is currently facing a lot of negative pressure and opposition from the arab and islamic nations.

Let us pray for the Lion of Judah to roar over the nations regarding the recognition of Jerusalem so that the leaders will not be afraid to move their embassies to Jerusalem and boldly align with the God Abraham, Isaac and Israel.


  1.  Kenya – the much anticipated launch of direct flights from Nairobi to Tel Aviv will not be in January as earlier indicated, this will be a delay of sorts especially for many Kenyans who were looking forward to direct flights as opposed to the tedious round city  flights via Addis or Istanbul or otherwise Cairo.

Prayer for acceleration opening up Kenya as a regional hub for Israel travel, also is a big gain for local tourism.


  1. UN – 16th October 2018, United Nations General Assembly voted in favour of allowing the palestinian authority to chair the group of 77 developing countries nations in 2019. This will allow the PA to act like a full member state in all meetings, Israel, Australia and the USA all voted against with 146 nations voting in favour and 15 abstaining, Kenyan voted in favour.

Palestinians are not a UN member state, anti-Semitic driven agenda has found a safe haven at the UN and this move is bound to escalate it further. Prayer. Please pray Psalms 83. Pray this psalms over Israel every week please.

 Njeri Yvonne, Erez Africa. @erezafrica. +254 722 118 760. njeriyvon@erezafrica.com. www.erezafrica.com


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