Since 2010 i have been privilledged to attend highlight events celebrating Israel's Indipendence and Israel advocacy in East Africa, most of which i am actively involved in preparation and planning, enter 2019 and as the annual calendar is, May is a special time in Israel's history, 1948, May 14th Israel was reborn as a nation, here in Africa we recognize this with the weight it deserves as such the annual celebration events in and beyond East Africa.

May 2019 has been a special time as for the first time The Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast was held in Kampala, Uganda. The Jerusalem Prayer breakfast was founded by Israeli Member of Knesset Robert Ilatov with a special aim to be a a global mobilization of the Church, gathering the nations to align themselves in prayer with God's purposes for Israel and Jerusalem, 2019 was special to East Africa since this was happening for the first time in East Africa and i believe in all of Africa and delibaretly coinciding with Israel's Indipendence day.

 In all my years of attending Indipendence day celebrations I will categorically state that this was a very special and one of a kind event/ceremony. Uganda church is huge on Israel support and this was evident with the mass turnout at the dinner event on the 15th of May at The Hotel Africanna where the President of Uganda was the chief guest, however the Prime MInister and his wife represented him accompanied by a hoard of other governement officialls, and the ambience was celebratory, the prayers very touching and the singing so beautful, Israeli local community in Uganda was well represented by a Rabbi and not forgetting the Abuyudaya Jewish community from Uganda.

Uganda is on a clear path of full restoration in her relationship with Israel, miraculously so a few months ago, the first direct flight from Tel Aviv to Entebbe landed with 250 Israeli tourists whose itienary included a guided tour by the President, HE Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Truly Uganda's restoration will definitely be Africa's restoration and lauching towards better and more fruitful relationship between Israel and Africa.

Viva Israel. Viva Africa.

Njeri. E. Yvonne.


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