Israel News and Prayer round up august 2020

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Israel relations with United Arab Emirates.

Even though there hasn’t been official high level cooperation between the two nations before the start 2010 both nations have been cordial towards each other with an underlying unfriendly connotations like the one from the first president of The UAE where he referred Israel as an enemy to the Arab nations.

Fast forward to 2020, Israel and the UAE have formally normalized their relations on August 31st 2020, with the first ever direct flight from Israel to the UAE. Here are some of the crucial developments that have happened between this 2 nations:

2010: 1st Israeli minister to visit the UAE. Uzi Landau

2016: Israeli energy minister visits UAE

2018: Talks to restore relations between the two nations are held in Abu Dhabi.

2015: Israel opened an official diplomatic mission in Abu Dhabi.

2019: Israel invited to take place in Dubai’s innovation expo in 2020.


  • Israel and UAE sign the Abraham Accord agreement to restore full diplomatic relations.
  • UAE unblocks direct calling to Israel’s national code +972
  • First commercial flight from Tel Aviv, Israel lands in UAE
  • Official normalization of ties for both nations…. J

UAE now becomes the third arab nation to full recognize Israel after Egypt and Jordan.

In 2018 H.E Benjamin Netanyahu visited Oman in an effort to better relations, this is a first for an Israeli Prime Minister.

Thanksgiving for this significant move where a third arab nation has restored full diplomatic relations with Israel.

Psalms 133:1

How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity.




Malawi has always enjoyed great relationship with the nation of Israel. 2020 however has taken this relationship to a whole new level with the newly elected president, H. E Lazarus Chakwena.

He made an official declaration that Malawi will be opening a diplomatic office in Jerusalem, this will make Malawi the 1st African country to have a diplomatic mission in Jerusalem. Malawi does not have any diplomatic office in Israel as of now and the Israeli Embassy in Kenya serves Malawi.

H.E Chakwena visited Israel in 2019 and is a PHD holder in Theology.



A highly powered delegation from this Northern Central Africa nation is in Israel from 8th September 2020, led by the deputy Deputy Director of Chad's civil cabinet Abdelkerim Idriss Déby, who is also the son of Chad's President Idriss Déby. Chad borders Sudan to the East and Libya to the north, Israel and Chad diplomatic relations broke in 1973 as did with other 30 African nations after the Yom Kippur war, however diplomatic relations were renewed in 2018 when Chad president visited Israel and H.E Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s prime minister visiting Chad in 2019.


Abdelkerim Idriss Déby and his delegation are expected to meet with H.E Benjamin Netanyahu , Israeli minister for Foreign affairs, the national security advisor among others.

We give thanks to God for how He continues to align African nations to the nation of Israel. We pray that Africa will continue to bless, support and pray for Israel in fulfillment of God’s word in Genesis 12:3.

Chad stands in need of prayer and security support in view of the terrorist group book haram.




Covid – 19 Pandemic

Israel has been hit as bad as many nations even with her not so larger population of about 10 million people, in the second wave of infections we have as high as 3400 infections in one single day. Here are crucial statistics:

As of 5th September:

  • 976 deaths
    • 236 of the above deaths are aged from 70 to 80
    • 113 aged from 70 to 60
    • 65 are aged under 60

Youngest casualty in Israel was aged 19 years old.

30 cities in Israel have been identified as red flag communities including Nazareth, Isfiya, Elad, Mitzpe Barnea etc


we continue to pray for God’s healing and intervention in this pandemic so that the boarders would be open and people would travel. Let us pray that God will do a new thing all over the world for the healing of His people. Amen.


Thank you for your time and support for the nation of Israel.


Yvonne Njeri.

Erez Africa,

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